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At some point, ingenuity is no longer necessary for just survival. Purposeless, decorative arts make life better.

We live in drab, bare, uniform, conformist surroundings. Needlessly.

These surroundings are the product of an economy that values productivity to the breaking point. Manufacturing is more mechanized in order to eliminate labor costs. While goods in which uniformity and utility are of primary importance (medical equipment, road signs, electrical couples, ball bearings) mechanization, indeed sterility, is a positive benefit, this is generally not the case with most things in which we come in daily contact.

We could live in a more beautiful world that suits us better as individuals.

How many different crafts there are (dozens) is small compared to the number of objects we encounter (gazillions).

Seems to me it's like stained glass and the printing press--the components were available for years (printing) or centuries (stained glass) before they were combined.

Integrating well known information

If a field is well-established, experts put the knowledge of the field into efficient packages. Here is a listing of most of the decorative arts. Clicking on any will get you to a listing of everything you need to be able to get started on it.

Note that we are currently not covering fine arts, yet

But this is an exemplar of how various other fields could be presented (e.g. fine arts, sciences).

* --> means it is not quite ready yet

clay ceramic


*Draperies *Embroidery *Embossing *Inlay *Lace *Masks
*Modding *Molds
pottery Puppets Quilts Sandpainting Scrimshaw
stained glass Stamping Tapestry Tools Wallpaper Woodwork





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